Sony will be very circumspect in future before announcing the Releasing dates of Games:S.Yoshida

By seeking and blundering we learn" an old saying from J.Wolfgang became true when during a panel at PlayStation Experience organised by Sony Interactive Entertainment, Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida told some important and interesting changes that will be done in the upcoming games releasing methods.

Interacting with the game enthusiasts he said that Sony had learned from its mistakes of announcing release dates too early, so this time they will pay more attention towards the releasing the dates of the games. According to him ,marvelous work always takes time and sometimes it happens that the developers have to exceed the deadline to complete the ambitious projects.

He also talked about Horizon: Zero Dawn, mentioning that it’s an “amazing game,” and a deep RPG with a lot of side missions.According to him, you can enjoy at its best and moreover it may become a big franchise for Play Station. He also clears the air by saying that The Last of Us: Part II is “super early” in development, and there is going to be “some time” before it is released.
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